Be Prepared

The Santa Clara County Fire Department provides services to the cities of CampbellCupertinoLos AltosLos Altos Hills & Los Altos Hills County Fire DistrictLos GatosMonte Sereno, and Saratoga.

Below is a partial list of County Fire’s emergency preparedness programs.


Be Ready: Seniors Prepared!

Learn about the disaster risks where you live, safety steps to take during a disaster, and how you can plan for disasters ahead of time. The creation of a Personal Support Network of family, friends, and neighbors will be emphasized.


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

In the event of an area wide disaster, critical infrastructure and emergency services will be impacted. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) academy trains residents to prepare for and respond to life-threatening events in their community. CERT members can mobilize neighborhood resources, deliver immediate assistance to victims, organize emergency communications and provide support to first responders.


Personal Emergency Preparedness (PEP)

Learn how to prepare to be on your own for several days after the next large disaster. Training includes review of disaster supply kit, home and workplace preparedness, treating life threatening conditions, fire prevention, fire extinguishers and hazardous materials.


School Emergency Planning & Safety

Disasters come in many forms and can occur anywhere at any time.  Disasters can be natural causes such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and severe storms to human-made causes such as an active shooter and chemical spills. Knowing how to react and respond in a time of crisis is critical. School emergency preparedness efforts and emergency plans can help keep students and staff safe.