On July 16, 2017, the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce and the Saratoga Cool Car Club are putting on the Car Show along Big Basin Way. The street will be closed from Blaney Plaza up to 6th street and over 250 cars are expected to be on display between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. We expect around 15,000 visitors.  As before, CERT will have an information table with emergency preparedness information, information on CERT academies, and a pop up with a couple of cots for a “cooling station”. We hope it won’t be in the middle of another heat wave, but there is always a chance of that.
We need volunteers to staff the information table and to be able to be available to assist folks who may have need of the cooling station or other urgent needs. We have arranged to have an FRS radio in the possession of the deputy sheriff in charge of security, another FRS at the Chamber office in the hands of the office manager, and another at the information table so that if anything crops up that we learn about first we can immediately notify the Sheriff who then can take over.
The organizers are looking for volunteers who can put in at least one hour, hopefully more, during the 7 hours that the show is open and at least one volunteer for the hour before the opening who can help set up and another for the hour after opening who can help close down and reload all the gear, including “Toga” who will be moulanged and placed on a city bench in front of our information table to get attention to our display.
If you want to know more about what it involves, take a look at the website: https://www.sccshow.com.  Come and enjoy the show and spend an hour or two at the table helping Saratoga and Saratoga CERT. By the way, those who volunteer for the day will receive an activation notice so that you will be formally covered as a CERT volunteer for that activity, so bring your badges, vests, and baseball caps if you have them.
Please RSVP to WTBrooks@brookshess.com  with one of three responses:
  • Yes, I’ll help out, and will be available for the hour(s) between:   ____ and   ____.
  • Yes, I’ll help out. I am available at any time during the day so let me know when you need me.
  • No, sorry, I’m not able to help out that day.
Thanks in advance for you considering participating with Saratoga CERT in this City event.