Here is an update on the activation protocol for the Saratoga CERT organization

Previously, we were ‘self-activated’ when we felt an earthquake greater then 6.5. This is NO longer valid.

The current procedures require an activation from an authorized City representitive. The three Saratoga city leaders who can activate the CERT Disaster Service Workers are: City Manager, Public Works Director, Parks and Recreation Director. When we are activated, the Everbridge alert system will send a notivation to the membership roster through the following means: cell phone, home phone, then email. This alert message should indicate where you should rally to if your are able to assist.

If you do not receive an alert or are unsure if we have been activated, please follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure your family and property are safe.
  2. Ensure that your immediate neighbors are ok.
  3. Assemble your backpack, your personal protective equipment, one or two water bottles, and a snack or energy bar.
  4. Make your way to your division’s rally point. (please note any significant issues seen on your CERT damage assessment forms).
  5. If you are not a member of a division, or unsure of your division, please make your way to the Corp Yard Base

Remember, we are all just spontaneous volunteers until such time as we are activated. Following these procedures will help assemble CERT members at a common location to assist if/when we are activated. If it appears that the disaster is not be significant enough for formal activation, we can still share our damage assessments with fire personnel, Public Works staff, or other interested leadership.

Finally, if you are also a licensed amateur radio operator, please monitor the SARA repeaters K6SA (146.655- 114.8 Hz / 443.150+ 100Hz) for any net or traffic.