November Saratoga CERT Newsletter

Annual Drill Recap

We had a successful annual CERT drill in October with more than two dozen participants (see list below) plus a good number of volunteer mentors and observers from Saratoga CERT, SARA, Santa Clara County Fire, and Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Services. The participants did a thorough backpack update, practiced damage assessment, cribbing, FRS radio usage, medical triage, and medical transport. Thanks to everyone who participated!

New Members

We would also like to welcome into Saratoga CERT two recent graduates from the most recent CERT Academy: Roberta Friedman and Reshu Jain. Welcome Roberta and Reshu!

December Social

Our next CERT meeting will be on December 14th at 5pm – it will be our CERT HOLIDAY SOCIAL. If you would like to help organize/run it, please contact Jeff Walker at ASAP – calendar entry:

Ham Cram

This Saturday, November 11th, will be the last Ham Cram Class of 2017 in Los Gatos. If you would like to get your Technician class ham license, please see the class flyer for details:

SCC Fire Refresher Training

Santa Clara County Fire will hold refresher training in Communication and Documentation on 11/14 in Saratoga. For details see:

DSW Cards

Please note! DSW cards will now be issued on Wednesdays between 2:00 and 4:00 in the City Planning Office. If you are RENEWING your card, simply send an email to Lori McKenna at She will renew your card and leave it at the front counter for you to pick up anytime. If you are a new DSW, stop by on Wednesdays between 2 and 4 and Lori will take your photo and prepare your card.

Planning for 2018

The 2018 Saratoga CERT calendar is under development. We will be getting together the 4th Thursday of each month, from 5:00 to 7:00pm. If you have any comments/suggestions, please contact Jeff Walker.

Staying UP TO DATE with Saratoga CERT

You can keep up to date at the
Saratoga CERT web page (
Saratoga CERT Facebook page (

Attendees at 10/28/17 Annual CERT drill:

Tom Baker
Brent Hailpern
Morris Jones
Frank Mayer
Jeff Walker
Michael Taylor
Stephen Ng
Davina Morgan-Witts
Candace Brooks
William Brooks
Bryan Knysh
Maggie Church
Susan Schrader
Donna Dettrich
Jessica Fullmer
Dave Dornblaster
Ahmad Ghavi
Reggie Holt
Karen Burley
Jim Hwong
Wendy Lynn
Teri Jones
Darrell Ray
Kerry Harris
Lori Stafford