Meeting called to order at 5:05 pm

  • News: Michael has 2 new grandchildren – congratulations!
  • Great turnout tonight!!
  • Handout: new Santa Clara County OES training schedule – will add to website under “resources”.

Review of last year’s exercise

  • No report for county. We had some bottlenecks, but overall well done.
  • Attendance was small. Need to start planning earlier this year.



We identified three main reasons to reboot divisions.

  • For individual CERT members – can rely on and learn from team members who live near you.
  • For the neighborhood – teams can plan and practice together with special attention to the needs of the neighborhood. Teams can also reach out to their local Neighborhood Watch unites.
  • For the city – gives EOC and Incident Command option of deploying us as individuals or as neighborhood teams.

Initially we asked for each division to identify two volunteers – 1 to coordinate people and one to coordinate logistics. Other roles will follow in the future as we get organized (like communications, training, outreach, etc)

  • COX: Reshu Jain (people) and Tom Baker (logistics)
  • DOWTOWN: no volunteers yet
  • QUITO/WEST VALLEY: Raji Lukkoor & Jessica Fullmer (people) and Zachary North (logistics)
  • HIGH SCHOOL: Jeff Pangborn (people) and William Brooks (logistics)

Each division group will hold their own division meeting in February (Jeff and/or Brent willing to attend if possible). Regular February meeting will be cancelled.



We need to build out the leadership structure of Saratoga CERT. Beyond the division roles, we need help in:

  • Logistics & Generators: Tom Baker, Zachary North, William Brooks, Craig Pietron
  • Medical – led by Lori Stafford and Maggie Church
  • Communications – SARA hams: led by Don Steinbach, Morris Jones, Brent Hailpern
  • Community Outreach: Jessica Fullmer, Raji Lukkoor, Davina Morgan-Witts
  • Event Planning: Don Steinbach, Jessica Fullmer, Jeff (Pangborn? Walker?), Roberta Friedman
  • IT/Web/Communications: ?


Training Topics

  • Backpack
  • Communications
  • Medical
  • Rescue
  • Scenario-based activities
  • Triage practice
  • Post links to FEMA and other online courses


Blossom Festival planning to be led by Roberta Friedman


Question on whether to rotate meetings times – unanimously decided to stick with 5-7pm


Future meetings

February 22 meeting – TO BE CANCELLED

Each division will have their own organization meeting

Logistics committee will meet


March 22 meeting

Social introduction/review of division meetings

Hands on : Bag check

Vote on logistic recommendations


April 26 meeting

Business meeting

Hands on: Logistics/generator activity


Meeting adjourned at 7pm