The Saratoga CERT leadership would like to ask for some assistance with folks stepping up and help lead this organization. Absolutely no experience or years of membership is required. We’re not asking for much; just need the next person or two to assist with some of the meetings and planning. Since there is an active leadership team, no one will be over-committed.


We are looking for helpers to help build out our new CERT trailer the week of March 19th. Please contact to volunteer.

March Meeting

Saratoga CERT’s next membership meeting will be on March 22nd at 5pm. Details, agenda, and RSVP will be available at

Blossom Festival

Saratoga CERT will have a table at the Saratoga Blossom Festival on March 24th from 10am – 4pm at the Heritage Orchard on Fruitvale Avenue. Volunteers should plan on a 10am to 1pm shift or a 1pm to 4pm (or the end of clean up) shift. The Orchard is beautiful this time of year and all of your friends and neighbors will probably be at the event. Sign up for a shift! Jeff is coordinating the scheduling and can be reached evenings and this weekend at:

Ham Cram

The next Ham Cram class in Los Gatos will be held on March 31st. Details at

Continuing Ed

City of Santa Clara CERT is offering a continuing education class on “Crush Syndrome and Bleeding Control” on April 3rd and again on April 14th. A few places will be available to CERTs, like us, outside their city. Details/reservations available at

Moulage Workshop

Save the date – Santa Clara County is planning a “Moulage Workshop” for CERT members on May 12th for about 6 hours. Details should be available in April.

No More Automatic Activation

We need to remind everyone about the end of the “automatic activation” in the event of a 6.5 earthquake. All activations will be specific and targeted. You WILL be notified if needed! We do not want spontaneous volunteers, including CERT members, to self-activate. As the City updates its Emergency Operations Plan, the roles of the CERT organization will be included (likely in the form of a Concept of Operations). Just like your radio… stay tuned.

Trailer – again!

And again…we REALLY need to find a crew to help build the shelves and storage system in our beautiful new CERT trailer…