Happy Summer Saratoga CERT!

CERT Academy

First, we would like to welcome the new graduates from Saratoga’s CERT Academy: Antonella Corno, Bradley Silveria, Charles Rader, Peter Commandeur, Fabrizio Corno, Lochan Narvekar, Marion Yager, Uma Challa, Robert Yager, Ron Jones, Sho Kou, Shoba Rao, Stephano Corno, Augustina Hubbard, Vivian Mills, Monica Loke.

At the same time, we would like to thank all the Saratoga CERT members that helped out in the Academy drill/graduation!

Next Meeting

Our next membership meeting is 6/28 – agenda is still TBD, but mark your calendars; http://saratogacert.org/event/saratoga-cert-membership-meeting-june/

Volunteers Needed

We will need volunteers to help staff the CERT booth at the Saratagoa Blossom Festival on June 23rd from 10am-4pm in the Saratoga Heritage Orchard – please contact Jessica (jfullmer@mo-dv.com) to volunteer.

Future Events

A few upcoming meetings/educational opportunities this month:

  • Saratoga city council/neighborhoods meeting (CERT is a topic of discussion) – 6/6 http://saratogacert.org/event/neighborhoods-joint-meeting/
  • SCCFD CERT refresher on damage assessment – 6/13 – http://saratogacert.org/event/cert-refresher-4-damage-assessment/
  • Santa Clara CERT Continuing Ed – Hazmat – 6/13 – http://saratogacert.org/2018/05/30/santa-clara-cert-continuing-education-series-presents-hazmat-recognition-for-certs/
  • SCCFD CERT refresher on fire/utility safety – 6/20 – http://saratogacert.org/event/cert-refresher-fire-safety-utility-hazard/

Coming up in July will be the Saratoga Car Show on 7/22 (volunteers will be neeeded for the CERT booth) and a Ham Cram class in Hollister on 7/14.