We hope you are having a great summer!
Just a few quick notes from Saratoga CERT:

August Meeting

Our August meeting is planned for August 23rd at our new time of 5:30PM: http://saratogacert.org/event/saratoga-cert-membership-meeting-august/


There are three CERT training opportunities in August:
☞ Santa Clara County Fire’s course on Basic Search & Rescue on August 15th: http://saratogacert.org/event/refresher-6-basic-search-rescue-methods/
☞ City of Santa Clara course on Lifting & Cribbing on August 22nd or August 25th: http://saratogacert.org/2018/07/28/santa-clara-cert-continuing-education-series-lifting-and-cribbing/
Note that the County Fire refresher course (and all remaining County Fire refresher courses this year) have been moved to Saratoga Prospect Center.

New Members

Welcome to Doug McFarlin, Peter Melhus, Nay Wei Soong to Saratoga CERT – they just graduated at the Cupertino CERT Academy

Saratoga Car Show

The CERT booth at the Car Show was pleasure to experience again. All volunteers were engaged with the many inquiries (more than previous years) and the spirit of the Car Show. Michael and Bill, brought items and set up and the booth with Brent and Jessica pitching in. We had a great space again next to the Saratoga Chamber. Jessica stayed the day, Bill was there most of the day, having multiple responsibilities, Michael kept us supplied with items, Maggie and Bill Church helped the first two hours, then Davina a nice pass off. A lot of good will and education transpired, Bill and Jessica tore it down and Bill took it all back to CYB.

Thinking Ahead

Saratoga CERT Divisions should be thinking about September meeting dates, as well as their supplies request to be discussed at our August CERT meeting. Hams will have the opportunity to participate with ARES/RACES in the county emergency drill on September 6th. Please start talking to your local church/synagogue/mosque about making Saratoga CERT part of their organization emergency plan!
Thank You!