Saratoga Radio Drill

On Saturday February 23rd, between 10am and noon, please participate in the quarterly Santa Clara County emergency radio drill.

Ham radio members of Saratoga CERT should tune into the K6SA repeater and follow instructions, which will include listening to Channel 11 of your FRS radios. Hams should register for the city drill at the county website: Registration simply means that you plan to participate, so please register unless you are a definite no.

All non-ham CERT members should turn on their FRS Radios to Channel 11 at 10 am and attempt to contact one of our CERT hams and provide your last name (and any other information they ask for). 

Please stick around for the full two hours if you can – there will be some trivial exercises to perform during the drill. When you have to leave, please let your ham contact (or the K6SA net control) know you are “checking out”.