Agenda items continued from previous meeting:

-Activation of City of Saratoga CERT members

-CERT member identification, apparel and personal protective equipment required upon activation

-Contents of individual CERT member’s “GO” backpack

-The Disaster Service Worker volunteer (DSW-V) program, as administered by Cal OES

-Protections and benefits afforded by the DSW-V program and “Good Samaritan” laws

-Specific actions to be taken by CERT members after a major earthquake

For (i.e., follow-on) training sessions, the remaining discussion topics divided up as follows:

 A. CERT Incident Command 

      Establishing and operating a CERT Incident Command Post

      CERT emergency supplies (City of Saratoga caches)

B. Area hazards assessment

     Potential deployment of CERT’s after disasters and incidents other than a major earthquake

     CERT communications (general discussion)

C. Triage

     Establishing, manning and operating a field medical treatment area/site

     CERT and mortuary affairs operations

     CERT and Spontaneous Unaffiliated/Untrained Volunteers (SUV’s)

D. CERT and American Red Cross shelter operations

     CERT interaction with vulnerable community members

     CERT and displaced community pets

     CERT light search and rescue operations, plus discussion on leveraging/cribbing operations

E. FRS radio usage and communications protocol (detailed discussion plus hands-on training)

In attendance: Jessica Fullmer, Raji Lukkoor, Chuck Rader (Cox div guest attendee)

Date: February 21, 2019

Action Item: Need a volunteer to call ALL active CERT members and cajole them to participate as we could use more help. Jessica?

Action Item: Raji & Jessica will talk to Emma Burkhalter (City of Saratoga) for Quito/WV maps on Tuesday, February 26 at 10:00am.

Urgent Need:

Action Item: Need an Incident Command post(s) and identify Incident Commander(s). Perhaps a separate post for either side of Hwy 85? Talk to WV college emergency preparedness/admin? Talk to Redwood Middle, for summer use? Marshall Lane Elementary? Churches?

Action Item: Identify a divisional Ham operator who will part of the Incident Command post. Designate Peter Commandeur? Second ham operator? Who else in the Quito/WV area is Ham trained?

Action Item: Peter, Jessica and Raji to plan a radio exercise to check out max radio range. March 4/5, at 4:00pm? Raji to connect w/ Jessica and Peter.

Chuck’s Update:


Feb 28, 6:00-9:00, Red Cross Fundamentals class @ Pisani Portable

Training will authorize CERT members to help out at shelter with general duties – cook food, distribute food/water, etc. CERT members (6-10?) can take an advanced curriculum class of 12-16 hours to become shelter manager. Do advanced class in mid-April? ARC can do a future field, scenario-driven exercise with mentors on how to manage a shelter.

Saratoga City plan for a wild land Fire: Plan is being updated and formalized, and CERT could be mobilized in an emergency. Saratoga Disaster Council consisting of city mgr, mayor, asst emergency preparedness liaison, a senior rep from SCCFD, a senior rep from SCC Sheriff’s Office, will activate CERT. Red Cross advanced shelter management class will help with this.

March 28, City-wide CERT mtg, 5:30pm

April 25, Stop the Bleed, 2 sessions, 5:30 – 7:00, 7:05 – 8:35pm, @ Pisani trailer


CERT and Deceased People

2 circumstances involving dead people:

-You enter a bldg. and find dead people: Note the gender, approx. age, do not touch the body, donotmake a FRS radio call

-You have a field medical treatment area and somebody dies under your watch: Set up a secure black tarp area, note gender, age, etc., do not photograph deceased people, cannot delegate oversight to non-CERT

CERT and Pets

If we encounter stray pets in the neighborhood and they are approachable, use leash if animal has collar, establish a CERT kennel, log them in, do not photograph pet, can delegate oversight to non-CERT.

Next Steps:

Chuck’s update to be continued…

Next Mtg: Thursday, March 21 @ 6:30pm