Updated DSW Card Process 

Crystal informed the meeting that going forward she will be responsible for issuing disaster service worker (DSW) cards, and that it will be possible to get a card either by emailing/calling her (cbothelio@saratoga.ca.us / 408-868-1269 ) for an appointment, or by emailing her a current photo ID card and she will be able to create a DSW card from that – details of the revised process should be posted on the website soon and will be announced in the June or July newsletter.  The new cards will carry no expiry date. 

Graduation Update 

Due to a scheduling error, Craig was not able to provide backpacks to all the new graduates at the recent Saratoga CERT Academy.  Brent will reach out to all the new graduates to welcome them, connect them with Craig for equipment, connect them Jessica for membership/event scheduling, connect them with Crystal for DSW, etc.  Their names have already been given to their division leads. 

Division updates

Summer Social 

Ron reported that the Saratoga Amateur Radio Association (SARA) will be hosting a potluck family picnic in August – date to be determined, most likely at the Warner Hutton house, noon to 4pm (drop in). Saratoga CERT agreed to collaborate and make this a joint social event. 


Most of the meeting was dedicated to brainstorming on how to take Saratoga CERT to the “next level”, given that we finally have leads for all the necessary organization positions and have 4 divisions in place and active.  Many tactical issues keep coming up:

  • How much training to plan? how much new training should we expect members to take on? what outside groups/efforts should we cross train with?
  • How much effort to grow Saratoga CERT – what venues (car show, blossom festival)? what groups (neighborhood watch, religious institutions, schools, PTAs)? 
  • How to encourage/support additional CERT leaders
  • How to manage drilling/practicing with Saratoga EOC, with our ham colleagues in SARA, with Santa Clara County, and with neighboring CERTs?

It was agreed that we will review our existing mission statement and, once agreed, we can use it as the lens through which to prioritize the many activities/goals available to us.  Between now and our next meeting we will assess candidate mission statements – original, or “borrowed” from other CERT groups, or FEMA suggestions. At the next meeting, we plan to: (a) create/confirm our mission statement, and (b) prioritize our activities/goals.  Details will follow via our newsletter.   

We also added to the end of our “to do” list the goal of exploring formal non-profit 501(c)(3) status. 

Saying Good Bye to Michael Taylor 

The final item of business was to celebrate Michael’s upcoming retirement from the City of Saratoga – we all thanked Michael for his dedication to and support of Saratoga CERT – and we welcomed Crystal as our new contact with the city – and then we ate cake!  

Michael will be in his job for the next week or two, so please reach out to him to wish him well if you were not at the meeting (mtaylor@saratoga.ca.us)