by Jessica Fullmer

What a great day, HUGE thanks to Everyone, those that were helping before and from afar.

Some details and action items:

We had several hundred came to the booth, some took flyers, some wanted more information on CERT Classes ect.

200 wanted sunburn spray, the word got around, a lot of thank you’s.  Some are coming immediately to classes/meetings.

Thank goodness Craig had organized the Cache at CYB, our items were in labeled boxes to go over to the Saratoga Car Show. We learned we have to create a LIST of Materials (and Processes) for all Events and Check against it as we come back from an event or leave the Cache for each event, E.G. we are missing the Ham signs.

Alameda  is donating some Body carrying boards for Togo and incidents.

Decide if Saratoga stays as two’s going out (even is it isn’t a DSW covered event).  It’s a Thema regulation for official events.

Several incidents, we learned from each, one written up here: 

Thanks to Chuck for the first leg search, Gary (from the Chamber) who went with me to meet with the Deputy, then help write up this lessons below:

-Create a Report sheet on Public Event Incidents

-What happened, the Chamber notified us that a child was vomiting, near The Basin (not accurate) 

-JF warned the Deputy from the Sherriff’s (we thought) that we would get more details and report back

-Couldn’t find the child. Called back to  update the Deputy on the FRS radio that we were given in the morning, we thought it was the Sherriff, found it was a CERT person has the phone. Because he didn’t answer it bounced to our booth.

-Went the Chamber person and I went to talk with the Deputy and found, the FRS only had static each time.

-He recommended for other events use our cells, call 911, they will sort out if its Fire (health issues) or Sherriff’s (some kind of disturbance) 

-he also said only use those phones for low level (non-life threatening/crime) not if you need help right away

-We need a certified medical person at each event in our booth (another person cut themselves deeply) a suggestion Mon was to have a partnership with Medical students, where they get credit for assisting CERT.

-For Each Event Need numbers/contact info for All those responsible (E.G. Chamber)

Thanks for all the EXTRA items the Chamber did to assist as the day progressed.

Also, Crystal for all the printing, Bill for hauling all the items from CYBase TO the Event and BACK.

And a HUGE shout out to the rest of the team, all were friendly, responsive and recruiting ( :

      Jack Griswold 

      Chuck Rader 

      Brad Silveria 

       Steven Wong 

      Lorna Yamaguchi (and husband)

       Debbie Ellis     

      Tim Ellis

      Bill Brooks


Jessica Fullmer

Event & Membership Chair