What a great success, for what will likely be the “First Annual SARA/CERT Family Picnic”.  The venue was great, the food was yummy, the weather was pleasant, the activities were interesting and folks seemed to have a good time.  Saratoga Area hams, their families and friends, along with CERT graduates, families and friends thoroughly enjoyed the Picnic and spending time with each other.

Thanks to Ron Jones, the venue was at an amazing location, the Warner-Hutton House (next to City Hall), Saturday, August 17, 2019. That was with Crystal’s support from the City of Saratoga, along with her cohorts, Nina, Thomas and Matt. A major ‘shout-out’ to each of you.

Ron also planned at the venue, the  Santa Clara County 3Q2019 Emergency Drill for the City of Saratoga and CERTS had the opportunity to experience a real drill (a fascinating) experience. In his Agenda he planned tours of key locations for us to see and learn from, ALL found that very valuable. 

As with any effort, the ‘front loading’ to garner inclusion and staying focused on bringing the groups together was Brent, a member of both organizations. He proposed the idea of CERT joining the Picnic of SARA with the Chair of Events, Membership for CERT, Jessica, who worked in creating momentum for the idea and logistics. Brent and other CERTS talked with the Master Orchestrator, Ron Jones, who orchestrated the SARA team for most of the implementation. Those that had questions jumped in and supported the union when we had a mutual meeting between the organizations to see how this would work out.

A HUGE thank you to ALL the SARA and CERT (MANY) people who attended and contributed to the successful ‘First Annual SARA/CERT Family Picnic” A special thank you to folks that spent some, or ALL of their picnic time serving others.

Jessica Fullmer

Event/Membership  Chair

CERT Saratoga