During the Month of September, we shared tips on Nextdoor, Facebook, and Twitter to raise awareness about National Preparedness Month. Being prepared for disasters and emergencies can seem like a big job. Many people do not know where to start, so they may never start at all. You can visit www.saratoga.ca.us/prepareSCC to learn how to prepare for disasters, and here are a few tips to help you get started.

One of the easiest ways to prepare is to sign up for emergency alerts and warnings at www.AlertSCC.org. These free alerts will be sent directly to your cell phone, landline, or email to keep you informed in the midst of a disaster and during recovery.

When disaster strikes, there may be a power outage and gas stations may not. One change you can make immediately is never letting your gas tank go below half full. That way you will always have enough gas to drive to an area with power to get supplies. It is also important to learn how to manually open your garage door so you can access your vehicle.

Do 1 Thing is a 12-month program that makes it easy to prepare yourself, your family, and your community for emergencies or disasters. Small steps every month can make a big difference, such as making a communication plan or building up food and water supplies. To view their calendar and learn what you can do every month, visit www.saratoga.ca.us/Do1Thing