Charles Rader is taking over as lead of Saratoga CERT – see Minutes of the October CERT Membership Meeting – and a new CERT organization chart at

Why you can’t reliably make cell phone calls during a power outage –

Cox Division will be holding their next divisional meeting on Wednesday evening, 13 November 2019, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Saratoga Prospect Center Grace Building classroom. The focus of the meeting will be on CERT communications. This communications training will comprise both instructional (“classroom”) training and simulated radio transmission drills. Attendees will be requested to bring both their CERT Academy (FEMA) training binder and their city-issued Fluoreon M-880 handheld FRS radios. Folks from any of the other divisions or at-large members are welcome to attend the meeting.

November Events

Red Cross Basic First Aid Class (no CPR) – November 6 –

Stop the Bleed Class – November 13 –

CERT Refresher: Communication and Documentation – November 14 –

Ham Cram Class – November 23 –

December Events

Free ICS 400 Class – December 2019 — Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management is holding a free ICS 400 class on December 3 and 4. This class can be difficult to find locally. Register by November 28 –

Save the Date: SARA Anniversary – December 7 –

General Information

Online ICS and NIMS Classes (100.c & 700.b) — Visit the Saratoga CERT Resources page for ICS and NIMS course material and resources –