The Santa Clara County Health Department is looking for volunteers who can assist with the countywide COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Program for 24 to 32 hours a week for a minimum of three months, ideally for a minimum of six months. Please see the specifics (as known at this time) below. If you are interested, please fill out  a City of Saratoga DSW-V Contact Tracing Volunteer Interest Form. After completing the form, the City will share your contact information with Santa Clara County who will respond directly to you with further details.

Santa Clara County COVID-19 Contact Tracing – Purpose and Staffing Needs

Case investigation and contact tracing is designed to identify people who have COVID-19 or who have been exposed to COVID-19. The goal is to interrupt chains of transmission by helping to ensure the safe and effective quarantine of potential contacts, slowing the spread of the virus through our County. This is one containment strategy among many that will allow for far fewer restrictions to be placed on the community. As Shelter-in-Place (SIP) restrictions are rolled back and as the number of contacts each newly infected person increases, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department anticipates it will need capacity to conduct detailed case investigation and contact tracing. The number of people needed to fulfill these roles is substantial. We anticipate that intensive case investigation and contact tracing program will need to remain operational for at least a year. We expect to fulfill these positions with a combination of:

  • County and other public agency staff;
  • Community volunteers willing to make a similar commitment; and
  • Contracted staff to meet needs not fillable by persons in categories (1) and (2).

The Case Investigation and Contact Tracing (CICT) team will include four types of positions, with different requirements and responsibilities:

  • CICT staff members who will maintain a caseload, calling contacts assigned to them, offering isolation and quarantine guidance and resources as needed, and inputting information into an online platform. It is anticipated that community volunteers will assist at this level.
  • CICT Lead staff members who will perform a lead function for the CICT unit to support scheduling, supervision, and troubleshooting needs;
  • CICT Clinicians who will have a medical or clinical background and provide clinical consultation and guidance to the CICT unit; and
  • Data Entry staff members who will assist with data reconciliation needs between databases.

Qualifications and Skills Required

  • Be 18 years of age, or older.
  • Able to work remotely for at least 24 hours per week (ideally full-time at 40 hours per week) for a minimum of 3 months (ideally for a minimum of 6 months).
  • Able to work for a minimum of three months, and ideally six months or longer.
  • Possess excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Possess strong written and communication skills, with an attention to detail.
  • Possess computer proficiency with ability to enter data into web-based systems.
  • Able to work remotely with a reliable internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Other language capabilities – especially Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese – is beneficial but not required.