2018 is off and running at Saratoga CERT!

On January 25th we had our 2018 kickoff meeting with more than 30 members. You can find the draft minutes on our website – but the bottom line is that we have leaders appointed for only 3 of our divisions:
  • COX: Reshu Jain (people) and Tom Baker (logistics)
  • QUITO/WEST VALLEY: Raji Lukkoor & Jessica Fullmer (people) and Zachary North (logistics)
  • HIGH SCHOOL: Jeff Pangborn (people) and William Brooks (logistics)
We are still looking for leaders (people and logistics) for the Downtown Division – if you are interested please contact Jeff via info@saratogacert.org
Our full Saratoga meeting for February has been cancelled, but the new Divisions will each have their own local meeting during the month. The regular Saratoga membership meeting will return in March.

Saratoga Blossom Festival

Roberta Friedman will be leading the Saratoga CERT participation at the Saratoga Blossom Festival on March 24th – if interested in helping out, please contact her via info@saratogacert.org.

FEMA Courses

Per a request at the January meeting our “Resources” web page at now has a section on introductory (independent study) Federal Emergency Management Agency Courses and videos, along with pointers to material from the Santa Clara County Fire Department.

Volunteers Needed

Mineta San Jose International Airport is looking for adult volunteers to participate in their Full Scale Exercise on 21 March 2018 from 0800-1200. Red Cross was asked to recruit approximately 40 volunteers. You do not have to be a Red Cross volunteer. You may share the information with family, friends and coworkers, but they must be at least 18years old and sign a waiver. Information on who to contact is on the flyer. LAST DAY TO RSVP IS 7 MARCHdetails are available online.