During extreme weather events or natural disasters, emergency responders can be especially taxed. In the winter storms just experienced by Texas, many responders were answering calls for help while their own homes were flooding or without power.

Responder preparation ahead of a disaster will provide peace of mind so that responders can focus on the task at hand. While the severe weather in Texas was unusual and record-breaking, first responders everywhere can get called out at a moment’s notice at any hour of the day. Sometimes the emergency is a flood, hurricane or wildfire affecting your own family or home.

Ready.gov’s webpage Ready Responder offers resources and guides for both firefighters and law enforcement to help them be prepared when disasters occur. The Ready Responder Toolkit is designed to provide emergency response agencies with a series of planning tools to help prepare their personnel and their families for emergencies.

This toolkit contains sample newsletters, training activities, and several planning templates. Samples and planning templates can be used for developing both an organizational preparedness plan and an individual or family preparedness plan.

Once plans are created, don’t forget to practice them with your family and your organization.

(Source: Ready.gov)